Published by Hodder & Stoughton

In the Meg Hutchinson tradition comes a story of evil and redemption, set in turn-of-the-century Swansea. Innocent Swansea beauty, Elvi Lloyd is bitterly ashamed of her mother’s profession – Sybil scrapes a living by holding fraudulent seances for gullible middle-aged women. Then, a prosperous shopkeeper named Bernard Pomfrey comes into their lives, and Sybil thinks vainly that he’s falling for her mature charms. But Bernard, who leads a double life, is more evil and vicious than either Sybil or Elvi can imagine. He has set his mind on having his wicked way with innocent seventeen-year old Elvi before forcing her into prostitution, while at the same time ensnaring her mother in a scheme to defraud a rich widow. With the help of Connie Lamar, who loves him despite his constant betrayals, Bernard is Swansea’s most successful brothel-keeper. Yet, Bernard may have pushed Connie too far. Her secret daughter Lynnys is also seventeen, and when she too comes under threat from an increasingly violent Bernard, Connie may be the only one who can save both girls from their mothers’ sins.


Published by Severn House Publishers

This title is set in Swansea, 1915. When Ruth’s father Jacob, a fiercely religious zealot, forbids her from marrying her sweetheart, David Beale, the young couple are devastated. It seems that Jacob has promised his daughter to the village pastor, a dour and self-righteous man much older than her. Threatened with expulsion from the family, Ruth marries Edwin, against her will, and David – angry and heartbroken – joins the army. In 1918, David returns from the war and, shortly after, Ruth gives birth to a long-awaited son. In this tight-knit, strongly Methodist village community, neighbours gossip and tongues wag. When her jealous husband threatens baby Andrew’s very life, Ruth knows she must do whatever it takes to protect her beloved child…


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